Our HSE regulations



INOVYN Sverige AB is responsible for coordinating all safety issues for work on company sites and bases its safety regulations on the Swedish Work Environment Act and the National Board of Occupational Safety and Health regulations. In some instances we have found it necessary to clarify certain regulations and to refine our rules within particular areas. Therefore, all companies that carry out contract work for us must comply with the applicable laws and regulations and be thoroughly familiar with certain of our own rules, which are published below, as well as instructions according to the  Appendix to Inovyn General Terms & Conditions.
The contractor must ensure that all subcontractors are aware of and fulfil our set requirements.

The contractor's employees must complete SSG's interactive web-based safety training: Entre Basic and Entre Kemi and complete our own web-based safety and environment information training to obtain permits to enter the facility. Contractors who are to carry out hot work must hold valid certificates for hot work issued by The Swedish Fire Protection Association, SFPA. INOVYN has the right to expel from the factory area anyone who fails to comply with these regulations. Safety data sheets for the chemical substances that contractors intend to use at INEOS must be sent to SDB.ste@inovyn.com.
The contractor must equip their employees with the necessary protective clothing, helmets, goggles and protective shoes. INOVYN Sverige AB can loan out gas masks and eyewash bottles.


Download our SHE regulations: (PDF-files)

 HMSS-308 WORK PERMITS (2017-10-05) 
 HMSS-320 SCAFFOLDING (2016-09-22)
 HMSS-326 TOOLS (2016-01-22)
 HMSS-329 WORKING AT HEIGHT (2016-07-01)
 HMSS-331 JOB SAFETY ANALYSIS (SJA) and "MinTake 2" (2017-07-20)
 HMSS-341 TEMPORARY CORDONS (2015-12-07)
 HMSS-348 WORK WITH HIGH-PRESSURE JETS 25 – 200 BAR (2015-07-01)   Appendix: INSTRUCTION WORK WITH HIGH-PRESSURE JETS 25-200 BAR (2008-08-12)

 HMSH-4.01-052 ALCOHOL AND OTHER DRUGS (2017-07-19)
 HMSH-4.09-05 ASBESTOS (2014-11-26)
 HMSH-4.09-064 NITROGEN RISKS (2015-07-01)
 HMSH-4.09-065 WORKING WITH SYNTHETIC INORGANIC FIBRES (2009-02-13)  Appendix: Examples and areas of use of synthetic inorganic fibres

 HMSM-4.04.06-01 HANDLING CHEMICAL SUBSTANCES (2015-07-03) NB! clause 4.09 
 HMSM-4.04.06-05 WASTE MANAGEMENT (2015-07-01)
 HMSM-4.04-06-14 Working with thermosetting plastics  (2017-02-07)

 GMM-4.02 HSE POLICY (2015-07-01) NB! clause "Process and personal safety"
 GMM-4.02-01 HSE PRINCIPLES (2015-07-01)